Thinking outside the box: Unconventional career pathsafter 12th Arts


May 23, 2023
Thinking outside the box: Unconventional career paths

As a student who has just passed out of 12th grade with an Arts background, the next question that comes to mind is - What next? The standard answer would be to pursue a degree in a field that complements the Arts stream, such as history, geography, sociology, or even political science. However, it's time to think outside the box and explore unconventional career paths that can lead to a successful and fulfilling career.

Exploring the world of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a field that is expanding rapidly, and the demand for skilled professionals is growing every day. A background in Arts can be an asset in digital marketing, as it requires a creative approach to developing content, graphics, and social media campaigns. Digital marketing jobs include roles such as SEO specialists, content writers, social media managers, and email marketing specialists.

1. Art therapy:

If you have a passion for art and a desire to help people, then art therapy can be a rewarding career option. Art therapists work with individuals to help them express themselves through art, as a form of therapy. They help people work through emotional and psychological issues, using creative mediums such as painting, drawing, or sculpture.

2. Event Management:

Event management is a dynamic and exciting field that requires creativity, coordination, and excellent communication skills. It involves planning and executing events such as weddings, conferences, and concerts. An Arts background can be helpful in this field, as it requires creativity and attention to detail.

3. Travel Journalism:

If you have a love for writing and exploring new places, then travel journalism can be a fulfilling career option. Travel journalists write about their experiences traveling to different destinations, providing readers with insights into different cultures, cuisines, and lifestyles.

4. Photography:

If you have an eye for detail and a passion for capturing moments, then photography can be a career option worth exploring. Photography is a field that requires creativity, technical knowledge, and excellent communication skills. It includes jobs such as wedding photography, fashion photography, and advertising photography.

5. Interior Design:

If you have a love for design and a passion for creating beautiful spaces, then interior design can be a career option worth considering. Interior designers work with clients to design and decorate spaces such as homes, offices, and restaurants. An Arts background can be helpful in this field, as it requires an eye for aesthetics and attention to detail.

6. Writing and Publishing:

Writing and publishing can be a lucrative career option for students with an Arts background. It involves writing and publishing books, articles, and other forms of written content. A degree in journalism, creative writing, or literature can be helpful in pursuing this career.

7. Culinary Arts:

Culinary arts is a field that combines creativity, passion, and a love for food. It involves cooking, baking, and creating food that is both delicious and visually appealing. A degree in culinary arts can lead to job opportunities in restaurants, hotels, and catering services.


In conclusion, there are many unconventional career paths that students with an Arts background can explore. These fields require creativity, passion, and a desire to learn. With the right training and experience, students can turn their passion into a successful and fulfilling career. It's time to think outside the box and explore the endless possibilities that await.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.Can I pursue a career in digital marketing without a degree in marketing?

A.Yes, a degree in marketing is not mandatory to pursue a career in digital marketing. However, a certification course in digital marketing can be beneficial.

Q.What kind of training is required to become an art therapist?

A.To become an art therapist, you need to have a master's degree in art therapy or a related field. You also need to have completed a supervised clinical internship to gain practical experience.

Q.Is it necessary to have a degree in interior design to pursue a career in this field?

A.While a degree in interior design can be helpful, it is not always necessary to pursue a career in this field. You can gain practical experience by interning with a design firm or taking relevant courses and workshops.

Q.What skills are essential for a successful career in event management?

A.Essential skills for a successful career in event management include excellent communication skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work well under pressure. Creativity and problem-solving skills are also essential in this field.

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