Object Oriented Programming

Learn how to program with graphical user interfaces and design programs which will be capable of managing large amounts of data.

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This course is for all the aspiring software developers who have some programming experience in at least of the programming language like Python, C, JavaScript.  With this OOPS course you'll be able to solve more complex problems. Design programs which will be capable of managing large amounts of data. Also, learn how to program with graphical user interfaces. These software engineering skillsets are broadly applicable across wide array of industries.


Importance of Python

Describe the basics of the Python programming language

Install Python and write your first program

Use variables and constants to store, retrieve and calculate information

Utilize core programming tools such as functions and loops

Accomplish multi-step tasks like sorting or looping using tuples

Create programs that are able to read and write data from files

Store data as key/value pairs using Python dictionaries

Start with basics of Object Oriented Programming

Understanding class and object

Encapsulation, abstraction, inheritance and polymorphism

  • Understanding programming concepts in relation to OOPs
  • Distinguishing Procedural and OOPs: Procedural Programming Vs. Object Oriented Programming
  • Understanding Objects in OOPs
  • Understanding Classes in OOPs
  • Demo: Objects and Classes in OOPs

  • Understanding Constructors
  • Understanding Types of Constructors

  • Introduction to Encapsulation and Abstraction in Python
  • Use Cases of Encapsulation and Abstraction in Python

  • Understanding Inheritance in Python
  • Demo: Use Cases of Inheritance
  • Understanding Polymorphism in Python
  • Demo: Use Cases of Polymorphism
  • Various Functions in Inheritance and Polymorphism

  • Module Quiz: OOPs
  • Module Assignment : OOPs

  • Project: Red Wine - Predicting Qualtiy of Wines
  • Dealing with Missing Values in Python
  • Understanding Machine Learning: Use Case Scenarios
  • Project: Medical Cost Prediction
  • Python Libraries Guides
  • Matplotlib: Creating Static, Animated, and Interactive visualizations in Python
  • Pandas: Analysing Data in Python
  • *Args And **Kwargs: Passing a variable number of arguments to a Python function
  • NumPy: Working with Arrays in Python
  • Sets in Python
  • Python OOPs Concepts
  • Exploratory Data Analysis aka EDA on Red Wine Data - Part 2
  • Exploratory Data Analysis aka EDA on Red Wine Data - Part 1
  • Python Test Quiz
  • Tutorial - Seaboar
  • Python Projects - Stop Watch
  • H2O Tutorial - Machine Learning Framework
  • Various Types of Data Distribution
  • Various Types of Errors in Machine Learning Models


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Object Oriented Programming


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