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Give your career a new dimension with complete Python course. Create your own Machine Learning application.

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About Our Course:

Designed by the OK Google Developer, this course will help you master the most popular and highly-demanded programming language Python along with Data Structures and Machine Learning. Create your own Machine Learning applications by the end of this course. 

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Complete Python Course
What you will learn ?
  • Why Python is Important
  • Transition from Python2 to Python3
  • Installation of Python
  • How to use your machine to code online
  • Build your 1st Python code
  • Constants, Reserved Words, & Variables
  • Data Types in Python
  • Using Conditions in Python
  • Using Comparisons in Python
  • Functions in Python
  • Loops in Python
  • Iterations in Python
  • Introduction to Data Structure
  • Strings & Functions
  • Handling files in Python
  • List & Dictionaries
  • Sets & Tuples
  • Constructors
  • Inheritance & Polymorphism
  • Regressions in Python
  • Clustering and Cluster Analysis
  • Projects
  • Lecture 4 Lectures
  • Introduction to the course Preview
  • Need of Programming: What it takes to become a top notch programmer Preview
  • Introduction to Python: Why it is the most demanded language and how tech giants are using it
  • Introduction to Python: Transition from Python 2 to Python 3
  • Lecture 4 Lectures
  • Instructions: Installation of Python on Windows and Mac
  • Demo: Step-by-step guide to installing Python on your PC
  • Python Usage: Introduction to practical use case of Python
  • Python Online: How to use your Machine to code online
  • Lecture 1 Lectures
  • Build your 1st Python code: Hello world assignment
  • Lecture 9 Lectures
  • Module Assignment Solutions: Expressions and User
  • Constants in Python: Introduction, application and use cases
  • Variable Reserved Words in Python: Introduction, application and use cases
  • Data Types in Python
  • Conversions in Python: Type and string conversions
  • Taking user inputs in Python: Introduction and application
  • Module Quiz: Constant Resever Words Variables
  • Constants Reserved Words Variables Assignment
  • Module Assignment Solution: Expressions and User inputs
  • Lecture 8 Lectures
  • Using Comparison Operator in Python
  • Using IF ELIF Conditions in Python
  • Demo: Using conditions in Python
  • Using EXCEPT in Python
  • Demo: Using EXCEPT in Python
  • Module Quiz: Conditions and Comparisons
  • Conditions And Comparisons Assignment
  • Module Assignment Solution: TRY EXCEPT Assignment
  • Lecture 7 Lectures
  • Understanding Functions in Python
  • Understanding Functions with Arguments in Python
  • Return Functions: Introduction and use cases
  • Multiple Arguments in Python: Introduction and use cases
  • Module Quiz: Functions in Python
  • Module Assignment: Functions in Python
  • Module Assignment Solution: Functions in Python
  • Lecture 9 Lectures
  • Loops in Python: Introduction
  • Break Continue: Understanding and Use Cases
  • FOR Loop: Understanding and Use Cases
  • Demo: Loops Code Implmentation
  • Loops and interation
  • Demo: Mastering Loops with more Use Cases
  • Module Quiz: Loops in Python
  • Module Assignment: Loops in Python
  • Module Assignment Solution: Loops in Python
  • Lecture 2 Lectures
  • Data Structures in Python: Course Introduction
  • Machine Learning in Python: Course Introduction
  • Lecture 2 Lectures
  • Live Class Python Interview Questions: Top 15 Python Programming Questions
  • Social Media Links for reference
  • Lecture 10 Lectures
  • Introduction Video: Data Structures Course Preview
  • Introduction to Strings and LEN function Preview
  • String Looping: Introduction and Use Cases
  • String Slicing: Introduction and Use Cases
  • String Library Function: Introduction and Use Cases
  • Stripping Whitespace: Introduction and Use Cases
  • Module Quiz: Strings in Python
  • Module Assignment: Strings in Python
  • Module Assignment Solution: Strings in Python
  • Lecture 8 Lectures
  • Introduction to Files in Python
  • Counting Lines in a File in Python: Introduction and use cases
  • Reading files in Python: Introduction and use cases
  • Searching Lines in a File in Python: Introduction and use cases
  • Naming Files with User Data: Introduction and use cases
  • Module Quiz: Files in Python
  • Module Assignment: Handling files in Python
  • Module Assignment Solution: Handling files in Python
  • Lecture 8 Lectures
  • Introduction to Lists in Python
  • Finding Length of Range Objects in Python: len()
  • Continuation of lists and their use cases
  • Calculating Sum and Average of Lists in Python
  • Spliting Strings in to Lists in Python: split()
  • Moduel Quiz: Lists
  • Module Assignment: Lists in Python
  • Module Assignment Solution: Lists in Python
  • Lecture 7 Lectures
  • Understanding Dictionaries in Python
  • Distinguishing Lists and Dictionaries in Python: Lists Vs. Dictionaries
  • Demo: Understanding Get Function in Python
  • Iterating over dictionaries with loops
  • Module Quiz: Dictionaries in Python
  • Module Assignment: Dictionaries in Python
  • Module Assignment Solution: Dictionaries in Python
  • Lecture 6 Lectures
  • Understanding Tuples in Python
  • Distinguishing Tuples and Dictionaries in Python: Tuples Vs. Dictionaries
  • Sorting a Tuple in Python
  • Module Quiz: Tuples
  • Module Assignment: Tuples in Python
  • Module Assignment Solution: Tuples in Python
  • Lecture 10 Lectures
  • Uderstanding Sets in Python
  • Creating Sets in Python
  • Creating Empty Dictionaries in Python: Empty Set
  • Understanding Add and Update in Sets
  • Deleting Elements of Sets in Python
  • Distinguishing Sets, Lists and Dictionaries in Python: Sets Vs. Lists Vs. Dictionaries
  • Python Set Operations (Union, Intersection, Difference and Symmetric Difference)
  • Understanding Python Set Methods
  • Module Quiz: Sets in Python
  • Module Assignment: Python Sets
  • Lecture 2 Lectures
  • Machine Learning: Introduction
  • Social Media Links
  • Lecture 3 Lectures
  • Data Structure Interview Questions: Top Data Structure Programming Questions
  • Data Structures: Implementing Stacks and Queues
  • Live Class: Searching, Sorting and Complexity Analysis in Data Structures
  • Lecture 5 Lectures
  • Understanding programming concepts in relation to OOPs Preview
  • Distinguishing Procedural and OOPs: Procedural Programming Vs. Object Oriented Programming Preview
  • Understanding Objects in OOPs
  • Understanding Classes in OOPs
  • Demo: Objects and Classes in OOPs
  • Lecture 2 Lectures
  • Understanding Constructors
  • Understanding Types of Constructors
  • Lecture 2 Lectures
  • Introduction to Encapsulation and Abstraction in Python
  • Use Cases of Encapsulation and Abstraction in Python
  • Lecture 5 Lectures
  • Understanding Inheritance in Python
  • Demo: Use Cases of Inheritance
  • Understanding Polymorphism in Python
  • Demo: Use Cases of Polymorphism
  • Various Functions in Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • Lecture 2 Lectures
  • Module Quiz: OOPs
  • Module Assignment : OOPs
  • Lecture 16 Lectures
  • Python OOPs Concepts
  • Python Seaborn Tutorial
  • Sets in Python Tutorial
  • H2O Tutorial : Machine Learning Framework
  • Types of data distribution
  • Erros in Machine Learning Models
  • Dealing with Missing Values in Python
  • Understanding Machine Learning: Use Case Scenarios
  • Project: Medical Cost Prediction
  • Python Libraries Guides
  • Matplotlib: Creating Static, Animated, and Interactive visualizations in Python
  • Pandas: Analysing Data in Python
  • *Args And **Kwargs: Passing a variable number of arguments to a Python function
  • NumPy: Working with Arrays in Python
  • Red Wine Project
  • Project - Stop Watch
  • Lecture 6 Lectures
  • Course Walkthrough Preview
  • Overview to Machine Learning Preview
  • Artificial Intelligence Vs Machine Learning Vs Deep Learning
  • Machine Learning: Python Libraries
  • Supervised Vs. Unsupervised Learning
  • Module Quiz: Machine Learning Overview
  • Lecture 12 Lectures
  • Introduction to Regression
  • Various Regression Techniques: Linear, Polynomial, Stepwise, Ridge, Lasso and ElasticNet
  • Linear Regression using Python
  • Linear Regression Techniques: Slopes And Intercept
  • Linear Regression using SKLEARN Coding
  • Linear Regression Demo using Scikit Lean Code Link
  • Demo Code Explaination: Linear Regression using SKLEARN Coding
  • Errors in Linear Techniques
  • R-Squared or Coefficient of Determination
  • Multiple Linear Regression (MLR)
  • Polynomial Vs. Non Linear Regression
  • Module Quiz: Regression in Python
  • Lecture 8 Lectures
  • Introduction to Classification
  • K-Nearest Neighbor(KNN) Algorithm for Machine Learning Introduction
  • Working with K-Nearest Neighbor(KNN) Algorithm for Machine Learning
  • Evaluation Metrics for Classification
  • Machine Learning Decision Tree Classification Algorithm
  • Support Vector Machine (SVM) Algorithm in Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning Random Forest Algorithm
  • Module Quiz: Classification
  • Lecture 4 Lectures
  • Clustering Algorithms in Machine Learning
  • Clustering Vs Classifications: Machine Learning
  • K means Clustering - Introduction
  • Module Quiz: Clusterin in Machine Learning
  • Lecture 4 Lectures
  • Understanding Recommender Systems in Machine Learning
  • Content-based Filtering: Recommendation Systems
  • Collaborative Filtering: Recommendation Systems
  • Module Quiz: Recommender Systems in Machine Learning
  • Lecture 3 Lectures
  • Introduction to the Project: Guess Game
  • Project Implementation: Undestanding the Concepts to Build Guess Game
  • Project Code : Guess Game using Python
  • Lecture 4 Lectures
  • Understanding Python Libraries
  • Three-dimensional Plotting in Python using Matplotlib
  • Tri-Surface Plot in Python using Matplotlib
  • Data Science Project Code: 3D Plot
  • Lecture 6 Lectures
  • Understanding Machine Learning Concepts
  • Flowcharts - Problem Solving with Python
  • Deep Learning: Training and Testing the Network with Tensorflow and Keras
  • Tensorflow and Keras For Neural Networks and Deep Learning
  • Final Certification Quiz; Complete Course
  • Machine Learning Final Assignment
  • Lecture 1 Lectures
  • Machine Learning Live Project
  • Lecture 4 Lectures
  • Logistic Regression for Malignancy Prediction in Cancer (Breast Cancer)
  • Spam Mail Prediction using Machine Learning with Python
  • Personal Assistant
  • Weather recommendation system
  • Lecture 7 Lectures
  • Understanding Machine Learning Workflow
  • Decoding Model Selection for Machine Learning
  • Understanding Overfitting in Machine Learning
  • Understanding Underfitting in Machine Learning
  • Understanding the Bias-Variance Tradeoff
  • Introduction to Dimensionality Reduction for Machine Learning
  • Gradient Descent algorithm and its Variants
  • Lecture 1 Lectures
  • Hands-On-Guide To Machine Learning Model Deployment Using Flask
  • Lecture 1 Lectures
  • GitHub Tutorial and Profile Buidling
  • Lecture 2 Lectures
  • Introduction - Overleaf, Online LaTeX Editor Preview
  • Building Professional/Educational Resume using LaTeX Preview
Our Mentors:
Jyoti Sharma

Jyoti Sharma

OK Google Developer

4.6 Rating

Sample Certificate:
What Jyoti Sharma has to say:

B.Tech & M.Tech Computer Science at NIT Kurukshetra (Department Ranker 1, CGPA: 9.8) with experience in Android App Development and Machine Learning. I am highly enthusiastic about learning and teaching cutting-edge technologies. My interests include Teaching, Data Structures, Algorithms, and Problem Solving. Worked at Infoedge(Naukri), Ok Google, and got offers from various tech companies including Adobe, UrbanCompany, etc, I would love to create more developers by imparting what I know. Happy learning to all the students!

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