Importance Of Full Stack Development

Mamta Mitali

May 14, 2021
Importance Of Full Stack Development

Technology now is an ever-evolving field, particularly when it comes to development, where a developer performs an important role and is asked to improve skill sets constantly to beat the competition.

A full-stack developer, commonly referred to as jack-of-all trades ,is comfortable working with both front-end & back-end technologies along with DevOps, databases, and mobile app development.

In simple words, a person who can develop both client-side and server-side software is known as a full stack developer. 

They need to have great knowledge of both front-end and back-end development. After all, that in-depth knowledge is what makes them marketable as full stack professionals in the industry.

Till now, developing a new programming application has required such complicated technology that a group of experts (web design or front-end experts, coding or back-end experts, database experts, etc.) required to collaborate & work together. 

But now - a technical person who is experienced in handling all the technologies (stack) needed in software or application development known as a "full-stack developer" can do all the tasks.

The entire development process mainly has 4 layers of architecture, 

Front-end: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, React

Back-end: Python + Django, PHP, NodeJS, Java

Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, Hadoop, SQL

Design: User Experience Design (UX), User Interface Design (UI), Information Architecture (IA)

Pros of Hiring Full Stack Developers:

Full Stack Development is the most popular and in demand developer occupation today. 

They know how to solve the glitches over different streams of the web as well as app development. 

They work in a fast paced environment and know how to handle the operations with knowledge and practical experience.

Most of the companies are scrupulous about picking just the finest Full Stack Developers to develop complete applications from scratch. 

Diverse skills

Front-end developers build codes (using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) that manage the look and interactivity of a site on a browser. Back-end developers write code that helps browsers to communicate with database information.

A full-stack developer is a professional with great experience in front-end and back-end technologies. They work to create a smooth user experience through their diverse skill set.

Thoroughly Unique Code

Every Full stack developer likes the innovation and creativity that is remarkably the unique coding using several software tools. It would give you the edge over the rest of the developers.

Massive Demand 

Full Stack Developers with several coding skills are in higher demand and most of the companies are looking to hire the Full Stack developer instead of hiring 2 or 3 engineers to do the same job. For those who look for a competitive and profitable job, Full Stack Development is one of the most demanding jobs nowadays.

Puzzle-solving skills

A full-stack developer is well versed in each of the development stages and has a thorough knowledge of technology. It will be easy for them to recognize the root cause of any issue and deploy long-term solutions. It will not be wrong to say that professional full-stack developers have puzzle-solving skills across various domains.

Ground-breaking Projects

Full stack developers have to take full responsibility for projects and maintain the entire credit for their success. They need to enhance themselves constantly and deliver the best to get rewarded. It is hard to take the whole credit as a front-end or back-end developer, but a full-stack developer career makes it possible. 

Responsible for the design structure

Along with the development of code, a full-stack developer is well versed in structuring the code and the User Interface designs. They go one step leading in optimizing and managing the existing systems.

A Full Stack Developer is great in:

  • Optimizing the code in Java, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, React JSand more.

  • Create, Understand, and Query database

  • Make use of API’s

  • Writing backend code in Ruby, Java, or Python, Express and Node

  • More excellent working knowledge of the system infrastructure

  • Experience in the hardware and operating system

  • Managing the entire project along with client coordination

  • Networking and security techniques


Final thoughts - Sometimes being a Jack of all Trades is good!

Full Stack Web Development mainly contributes to the broad opportunities for preparing each project. The top full-stack development companies are hiring professional Full-Stack Developers with profitable pay scales as well as multiple career advancement possibilities. 

In today's competitive world, most of the companies demand jacks-of-all-trades, they are confident and proficient enough in all of the skills they are offering, and Full stack developers are one of them for sure.

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