How to Become a Data Analyst: A detailed Understanding

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Oct 2, 2020
How to Become a Data Analyst: A detailed Understanding

Can you guess the sexiest job of this Century?

As per the Harvard Business Review report, it is Data Scientist. Although, from a technical point of view, Data Scientists are a few ladders above Data Analysts but becoming a Data Scientist from a Data Analyst is a lot easier.

One of the most critical decisions that we need to make is picking a career stream. It requires a lot of deliberation and thorough thinking. Reason being it affects your family equally as it affects you. It's absolutely okay to incline towards your own interests and preferences but it's crucial to take in account about the future aspects of the career line you want to choose.

The onset of automation is affecting the requirement of the workforce. It is reducing with each passing day. It is becoming the need of the hour to explore ways to make yourself imperative to the industry. Choosing to become a data analyst is one of the options. Most of the companies rely on data; and require data analysts to analyze and interpret it. The actual number of data analysts compared with their demand in the market is very less. This big difference in demand and supply makes Data Analyst as one of the most sought-after professionals. Thus, if you can become a skilled data analyst, then even at entry levels, you can enjoy very good salaries and excellent perks.

Who exactly is a Data Analyst?

With the rise and fall of companies becoming a normal phenomenon, the role of data analysts has become very important in the sustenance of any organization. If an organization has a long-term plan then it is bound to have massive data and requires a careful study of data and continuous monitoring to chalk out any change in patterns or trends. That is the main constituent of the job role of a data analyst. As the name itself suggests that this job requires handling and analysis of the available data. But it's not just that. It's a little more diverse.

In the beginning, it might look like any other back-office role where you have to keep crunching numbers all day. Right?

Wrong. It is more than what meets the eye. Crunching numbers is an effort to accumulate and organize the data following its interpretation and utilizing it to make meaningful conclusions. The work is mostly dependent on client's requirements. For new age companies, data analysis is an important skill set which helps in understanding the competitors and introspecting own performance, time and again.

One of the basic job responsibilities of a data analyst is to prepare and maintain the reports. These reports act as the guiding force and provide valuable insights which can be utilized to improve performance and operation-ability. The data in these reports need to be presented in its easiest form so that anybody, who is not a data analyst, can also understand it.

The data analyst's role also requires understanding the patterns of the data. These patterns help in identification of various trends and accordingly contribute in formulation of various action points for the client. You'll also need to work in collaboration with various other departments like marketing, sales and executives, which will require excellent communication skills.

Data analyst in itself is a broad concept. In fact, it is a combination of various different roles like business analysts, corporate strategy analysts, benefits analysts, budget analysts, sales business product analysts, fraud analysts, management reporting and so on.

Qualifications and skills you require to become a Data Analyst

You need not to possess a technical background to become a Data Analyst. It is helpful to have technical knowledge but it is not mandatory. People from mathematics or statistics backgrounds are preferred. A list of skills like SQL, Machine Learning, Microsoft Excel and excellent presentation skills are must-haves for a data analyst. A good command on math, statistics and economics can help you get the job easily. But even if you're new to this field and don't have any prior experience, you can avail any of the online/offline courses on data science to prepare yourself for it.

It is obvious that a lot of people may be inclined to learn about data analytics over YouTube or any other free learning websites. But it is advised that for proper learning and deep understanding, you choose a professional course online or offline. These courses enable you to get a proper understanding of the data analysis process, explain step by step approach, clear your doubts and provide enough practice sessions. These courses help you perfect the art.


In today's dynamic market, the demand for Data Analyst jobs is huge. There are tremendous opportunities and vacancies due to shortage of well trained professionals. In comparison to other professions, the salaries, perks and incentives are also great. The role offers numerous opportunities to grow as an individual across various positions and sectors. The learning scope in the Data Analyst role is linear, which at any stage of life is invaluable.

So, choose an online course for Data Analytics and start learning. You could become the next big thing that the companies would be looking for. For Online Data Analytics, certification and live classes, you can check out Perfect Plan B’s website.

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