Effective Ways to make money as a Developer


Jan 25, 2022
Effective Ways to make money as a Developer

Software Developer is undoubtedly one of the most in-demand skills, and with this skill, a person can earn fairly good salaries while working in larger MNCs such as Cognizant, Sapient, Adobe, and many others, and then plan for early retirement without hesitation. However, these wonderful people continue to look for other avenues that will allow them to dive headfirst into the world of solopreneur ship with the sole purpose of earning extra money and spending it for reasons that vary from one developer to the next. One of the primary reasons is to supplement their full-time salaries so that they are not concerned about losing their jobs.

Let's take a look at the methods listed below to help you earn extra money as a Software Developer.

1. Selling Interactive Courses Online

Perhaps you're wondering what interactive courses are. Allow me to explain. You're all aware of which courses are at the advanced level. They are made up of videos, videos, and more videos than you can watch all day. These courses do not provide any form of interactivity because they are one-way communication.

This is the best long-term way to generate passive income because it does not require your constant attention.

2. Paid Content Creating

Creating content is the proper way to elevate or raise a brand. Many businesses and publications will pay you to write content for their blog, domain, or website. As a developer, you can earn up to Rs. 1500-2000 per article if you are a very good content / technical writer.

You must contact the publications, whether by emailing or messaging them in any way possible. Contact the companies and write an article that is specific to your domain. This is a simple way to earn money without having to code all the time.

3. Mentoring other developers

This is something that a developer who is still in the early stages of their career can do as well. You can direct newcomers in the right direction and fill knowledge gaps. Because mentoring is typically charged on a time basis, this is analogous to exchanging time for money. You can only make money if you invest your time. As a result, mentoring is most likely an active income that must be earned actively. This is not a good long-term option because it requires a lot of time and energy from the mentor, which may not always be available.

4. Brand Building and Sponsorships

If you are primarily interested in creating content and want to build a strong subscriber base and brand for yourself, you should most likely be an active YouTuber or Twitter user. For the most part, you can expect nothing until 6 – 12 months have passed, but you can increase the value of your brand by partnering with other companies or brands that need to grow. Look for companies that will sponsor your video. Building a good brand for yourself takes time, and you must devote time to the community by attending live sessions and interacting.

Once you've established a solid foundation as a YouTuber, you'll be able to explore sponsorship opportunities on your channel and also tweet about them.

5. Building and Selling the Digital Products

When compared to Physical Product, building and selling the digital products that your customers prefer allows you to scale your business quickly. What is the reason that a SOFTWARE DEVELOPER or any other guy will comprehend? According to Oberlo.com research, there are 3.78 billion users who use online resources such as websites and social media channels to find the products and services they require as soon as possible!! And the number 3.78 represents approximately 57 percent of the world's population.
Furthermore, selling digital products such as the amazing photographs you took of nature, music of various genres that an AVERAGE customer may enjoy while listening to the same through headphones, is a very smart move. All of those products, if created and sold digitally by you, will have low shipping costs, lower OVERHEADS, and extremely HIGH PROFIT-MARGINS. As a SOFTWARE DEVELOPER, you will also understand and analyze in real-time how these digital products attract your target customers due to their UNIQUENESS.

6. Start Freelancing

Freelancing is also an excellent way to begin your journey. You can start with platforms like Fiverr and Upwork and start freelancing on a small project, and once you get a good grip and your name is known around the platform, and you have good reviews, you'll most likely get bigger projects and earn a good chunk of money. On this blog, you can learn more about freelancing.

7. Creating Your Own Applications that support In-App Purchases

Developing and deploying apps that support In-App Purchases will give you access to the power of increased customer loyalty for your apps as well as payment convenience. Consider how this will be implemented in a sensible manner!! Users will be able to access many of your applications' basic services and features for FREE once they have been deployed with the help of In-App Purchases. But wait, those referred to as advanced features would be charged, as this is necessary from a business standpoint.

With this in mind, it would be a wiser decision to begin developing your own applications using various software development tools such as Java, Python, or any other that may help people meditate, cook, or learn more about the practical implications of technological advancements such as AI, Big Data, and Machine Learning. And who knows, you might become another BUSINESS OWNER whose organization is assisting a large number of community members (including students, housewives, and corporate people) in obtaining life-changing benefits from those applications by reinforcing FREEMIUM (i.e. FREE + PREMIUM) takeaways through their actions.


There are fundamentally two ways to earn money, namely active and passive methods. Generally, everyone begins with active methods and then progresses to passive methods. Creating a passive income stream takes time and effort. You'll make enough money to discontinue your active methods and increase your passive income.

There are numerous other ways to make money as a developer. These are not the only options available, but they are the most straightforward.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Q. What are some popular ways for developers to make money?

There are several popular ways for developers to make money, including freelance work, creating and selling software products, building websites and applications for clients, participating in bug bounty programs, and working full-time for a company.

Q. Can I make a living as a freelance developer?

Yes, many developers make a living as freelancers by working on projects for clients. However, it can take time to build up a client base and establish a reputation as a reliable and skilled developer.

Q. Is it possible to make money by creating and selling software products?

Yes, it's possible to make money by creating and selling software products, such as mobile apps, desktop applications, and software plugins. However, it can be challenging to create a successful product that generates significant revenue.

Q. What skills do I need to make money as a developer?

To make money as a developer, you'll need to have strong programming skills, as well as knowledge of various programming languages and tools. You'll also need to have good communication skills and be able to work well with others.

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