Top Skills Employers Are Hiring For...

Mamta Mitali

Oct 18, 2021
Top Skills Employers Are Hiring For...

Employers place high importance on discovering candidates who have the necessary skills and abilities for their organizations. Depending on the employment area and profession you select, you may require extremely specialized talents, abilities, and knowledge to execute the job.

Along with these core skills, there are general competencies and behaviors that are essential for successful working. These fundamental skills will enable you to be effective at work, no matter what you do, or which profession you are in. They are sometimes referred to as transferable talents since they are acquired through time and may be carried with you as your career progresses; think of them as your passport to job success.


Let’s see what are those skills that recruiters are looking for in a candidate:


Tenacity and motivation

Employers like it when their employees have a little pep in their step. Working life is full of hurdles, and you must demonstrate to employers that you are the type of person who will persevere even when things go tough and remain cheerful.


Ability to operate under pressure

This refers to the ability to remain calm in a crisis and avoid becoming overly overwhelmed or upset.


Persuasion and negotiation

It is important to be able to articulate what you want to achieve and how, as well as understand where the other person is coming from, so that you may both obtain what you want or need and feel good about it.


Solving problems

You must be able to solve difficulties and resolve challenges using a logical and analytical approach. It's also a wonderful way to demonstrate your ability to tackle problems from several perspectives.



You may not become a manager right away, but candidates must demonstrate the ability to motivate teams and other colleagues who may work for them. It is all about properly allocating and delegating responsibilities, setting deadlines, and setting a good example.


Commercial savvy

It is important to understand how a business or industry operates and what makes a company tick. Demonstrating an awareness of what the organisation hopes to achieve through its products and services, as well as how it competes in its market.



This includes both verbal and written communication, as well as listening. It's all about being clear, succinct, and focused, as well as being able to customize your message to the audience and listen to what others have to say.



You must demonstrate that you are a team player while also being able to manage, delegate, and take on responsibilities. It is all about fostering strong workplace relationships that enable everyone to fulfill their personal and professional goals.



This is about demonstrating your ability to prioritize, work efficiently and productively, and manage your time effectively. It's also beneficial to be able to demonstrate to employers how you pick what's important to focus on and complete, as well as how you fulfill deadlines.



In the workplace, you must strike a balance between being confident in yourself but not arrogant, and having confidence in your co-workers and the firm for which you work.


More important qualities that recruiters seek

If you can demonstrate mastery of five other critical abilities - handling uncertainty, resilience, analytical skills, entrepreneurial skills, and IT skills – you'll be in a better position to secure the job you desire and also works really well in that job,


Entrepreneurship and business acumen

Identifying market gaps, offering methods to enhance procedures, and coming up with fresh ideas are all indicators of an entrepreneurial mindset. You don't have to start your own firm to put your entrepreneurial abilities to use; many employers will be looking for candidates with these attributes.


IT Skills

The greatest method to demonstrate your IT abilities to employers is to illustrate how you've used them to accomplish something, which you can do with examples from your education, extracurricular activities, or work experience.



Companies need resilience in their new hires because it allows them to deal with change, issues, and stress. Learn how to improve your resilience and how companies evaluate it during the hiring process.


Analytical abilities

Analytical abilities allow you to work with many types of information, identify patterns and trends, and reach meaningful conclusions. Aptitude or psychometric exams are frequently used to examine analytical ability.


Managing Uncertainty

Our advice outlines what is meant by ambiguity management and why it is a particularly crucial ability in complicated, fast-changing industries like the retail industry.


Final thoughts

You don’t need to get worried if you don’t have these skills. You will eventually learn with your experience. But yes, we can’t deny that having these skills can help you stand out in a crowd. 

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