React JS Projects you should consider in 2021

Mamta Mitali

Oct 14, 2021
React JS Projects you should consider in 2021

You're probably looking for materials to help you build your own apps, whether you're new to programming or an experienced developer. Because React.js is a very popular frontend framework with a large community, there are many projects to use as examples. 

We wanted to make your research easier, so we've included a few React.js projects that range in complexity and can be used as inspiration for future projects in this post. Let’s have a look at those:

1) Social Media App (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc)

A social networking app would be the app I would recommend for you to add to your portfolio. Other popular apps, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, are highly sophisticated and incorporate an ever-growing number of features to keep users engaged. Furthermore, it's the type of program you're most familiar with in terms of how it should work.

Almost all social media apps have a few characteristics in common: the capacity for users to create posts with text and/or media files, a live feed of those posts, the ability for other users to like and comment on those posts, and user authentication. After you've mastered that, you can create profiles for each of your users, allowing them to customize their accounts as well as manage the persons they follow.

You might use the following technologies:

React App or React Native for creating a dynamic UI for posts, messages, likes, etc.

AWS Amplify, Firebase, or Hasura for real-time data

AWS Lambda or Firebase Functions for app notifications,

Firebase or Cloudinary storage for Uploading photos, videos

2) An E-Commerce App

E-commerce apps are everywhere, and I'm sure you'll be asked to design one at some point during your developer career.

It's tempting to try to establish a large-scale e-commerce platform like Amazon, but I'd suggest starting with something smaller and more targeted. Choose a sector that fascinates you rather than a marketplace that offers everything to everyone. 

If the service is offered locally, an interactive map could be included in the app so that both the service provider and the consumer are aware of each other's location. UberEATS, for example, are meal delivery apps that require the location of the person ordering the food.

Whatever is being sold, whether physical or virtual, every e-commerce app will have a storefront containing product or service information. If consumers can buy numerous items at once, there should be a shopping basket where they can keep track of what they want to buy. Finally, every e-commerce software must provide a checkout mechanism that allows customers to buy things anonymously or after they have been authenticated.

You might use the following technologies:

React App or Gatsby for creating a storefront and product display.

Stripe with the react-stripe-elements package for payment processing. 

Netlify / AWS Lambda for checkout processing 

Algolia for lightning-fast product searches 

Snipcart for simply establishing a cart and managing cart products

3) An Entertainment App

Movies, podcasts, and music are just a few examples of an Entertainment App. Netflix, Audible, Amazon Prime, and Spotify, for example, are all excellent examples of this. 

This category is unique in that many entertainment apps overlap with social media apps. High user engagement, for example, is the driving force behind an app like Tiktok, which provides short, inventive videos. Another program, YouTube, is built around user interaction via likes, comments, and subscriptions.

Consider what type of media or entertainment most interests you, and see if you can create a basic platform around it where users can log in and bookmark their favorite stuff. After that, consider including social aspects that allow users to leave comments on the content, like it, and share it with other platform users.

You might use the following technologies:

React App, Next.js, or Gatsby for creating the app's user interface using

React-player is an MPM package for playing media.

Algolia for searching media by name 

Cloudinary or Firebase storage for media uploading (i.e. audio track, video, movie, etc.)

4) Build a Messaging App

Messaging apps are extremely popular. You probably have a free messaging app on your phones, such as WhatsApp, or one incorporated into your social media platform, such as Facebook Messenger. Web apps can employ services like Intercom, which includes instant chat, to deliver quick customer care to their users.

Mobile phones and tablets are where the majority of messaging apps are found. This is a terrific opportunity to move beyond the web and build a mobile app with React Native if this isn't your first app clone. Better, using a package like React Native Web, you could create a web and mobile messaging app at the same time.

You might use the following technologies:

Firebase, AWS Amplify, or Hasura (using GraphQL subscriptions) to transmit real-time messages.

Cloudinary or Firebase storage for sending messages with images or videos. 

NPM package emoji-mart for a slick Slack-like emoji picker for users to include in their conversations.

5) Build a Productivity App

Given the abundance of tutorials for simple productivity apps, this is arguably the easiest type of program to start with. Note-taking applications, team management apps, and task-listing apps are some of the examples of productivity apps. In general, anything that helps you in completing a task or becoming more productive.

The benefit of starting with a productivity app is that it serves as a good introduction to app development due to the relative simplicity of many of the features. You can start with something simple, like a text editor, to quickly write formatted content in markdown, and then build on it.

To begin developing a productivity app, consider what features an app might have that would make your daily schedule easier, and then build from there.

You might use the following technologies:

To display markdown in your app's UI, use the npm package react-markdown.

To write code in your notes, use the npm package react-codemirror2.

6) Video Sharing App (YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram via Reel feature)

Because video is utilized in so many various apps and in so many different ways, a video-sharing app is probably the broadest category.

You may use video-sharing apps like YouTube to search any browser and find any video that users have created. In addition, “Tik Tok” and “Snapchat” allow us to watch videos from other users that are filmed in a much shorter, more accessible manner and are more focused on interactions such as likes and views.

You might use the following technologies:

Use create-react-app to make the app, and Node/Express to make the backend.

Use a database like Postgres or MongoDB, as well as an ORM like Prisma or Mongoose, for picture and video uploads to the Cloudinary API

Heroku for the backend, Netlify for the frontend (or deploy both on Heroku)

6) Forum App

Reddit, Stack Overflow, and the freeCodeCamp Forum are all great examples.

When we need help, we go to a forum application, and programmers go to forums like Reddit and Stack Overflow to get their code issues answered.

Through postings, comments, and replies, forums incorporate many characteristics of chat and social media apps. A forum is a more organized version of a social media app that allows users to obtain answers to their inquiries more quickly.

You might use the following technologies:

Use a database like Postgres or MongoDB, along with an ORM like Prisma or Mongoose 

Use social authentication with Google, Facebook, or Twitter, using Passport or a simpler service like Auth0 

Use a database like Postgres or MongoDB, along with an ORM like Prisma or Mongoose 

Heroku for the backend, Netlify for the frontend


In the beginning, the best thing you can do is design simple and modest apps. 

Another Calendar App will not provide you with much information. Taking on a massive project that does everything, on the other hand, is not a good idea. It's easy to become discouraged and give up, so first start with a very simple app and then gradually move to the next.

Thanks for reading this article so far. If you like this article and find these React J0Ss projects useful, then please share them with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback, then please leave a comment.

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