Why Python Programming is a Valuable Skill to Learn

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Aug 21, 2020
Why Python Programming is a Valuable Skill to Learn

Many researches & reports from time to time have revealed that Python is one of the most preferred programming languages in the 21st century. The reason behind its popularity is its simplicity, large community, and easy inbuilt functions that help ease the learning curves. Though it depends upon who is asking the worth of Python i.e. for a beginners learning python makes sense because it’s easier to learn.

A lot of Tech giants companies like Netflix, Google have already using Python as their primary programming language because of its easy implementation. The access to huge library packages in Python has proved to be a money. Perfect eLearning brings you some important points on why you should learn Python in 2020:

1. Easy to Learn & Execute Complex Solutions

Python being a high-level scripting language is also interpreted and interactive. It has been designed in such a constructive way that it is highly readable. Where other languages use syntax, punctuation, ending braces, etc. Python uses English keywords that makes it easier for new students to learn. As compared to other languages it uses only a few syntactical constructions. Apart from all, Python is an open-source language.

In python, there is no need to compile programs before executing it as it is automatically processed at runtime. Being an object-oriented language it deals with real-world and precise code within objects.

2. Leading Programming Language in Data Industry

Learning Python is the first step towards Data Industry. Apart from Machine Learning (ML), Data Science (DS), and Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is also used in IoT(Internet of Things), Web Development, Game Development, & for creating GUI applications also. According to some recent studies, more than 85K python scripts and modules are accessible to users & it is supported by PyPI.

Data Science & Machine Learning are the very reasons why many developer are learning Python nowadays. In past few years, Machine Learning and Data science industries have observed very high growths. Python has one of the best collection of libraries for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence like TensorFlow, Pandas, PyTorch, Scikit-Learn, Theano, Apache Spark, Keras, NumPy, Seaborn, and many more.

3. Portability & Extensibility

It is supported by various operating systems like Linux, windows, etc. and it also supports other platforms like Solaris, play station, etc. It provides extensible properties that help developers in performing cross-language operations easily. Python’s extensible nature allows users to invoke C and C++ libraries and integrate Java as well. It also helps in automating boring and repetitive tasks.

4. Support to a Wide Range of Applications

Python provides support to a wide range of applications from text processing to World wide web to Game Development which is also known as its “Automation” property. The best thing about Python is that it is not restricted to just one thing.

Starting to learn a new language or technology always makes one worry about its prospects and when it comes to learning a new programming language, it gets more complex. Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence are the future of the IT industries. Python is a great start to boost up your level of knowledge. It is the most preferred language for research purposes also, so you have a great scope to discover further about its applications and utility.

5. Applications & Job Roles

In addition to all the above-mentioned domains, Python is also used in Science & Numeric applications because of its robust nature and library functions & packages.

Python is also used in Software Development, Games and 3D Graphics, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence(for ANN and CNN), Computer Vision, Robotics, Network Programming for its frameworks and open-source resources. Another important feature of python is web scraping & crawling. By gaining efficiency in Python you can apply for the many job roles like Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Data Scientist, DevOps Engineer, etc.

6. Versatility & Career Advancement

Python is one of its kind of programming language which is not restricted to only certain domains and disciplines. It is used in various areas which includes Web Development, Statistics, ML, Data Science, and AI. It supports various frameworks such as Flask and Django by which anyone can create web applications very easily. Python has proven to be a popular choice as it not only helps you to get a job very easily but gives you many opportunities for future career advancement and self-growth as well.

7. High-Package Salary in IT

Of course, after your huge investment in studies and hard work, you would want to work with a low-package salary. With the rapid growth of IT industry, the demand of trained Python developer is not only high but very well paid as well. According to current research, the highest salary package of the Python developers is approximately 82 to 85 Lakhs per Annum.

So, it is no hidden secret that it is totally worth to learn Python in 2020 and in coming years as well.

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