Introducing Brand New Avatar: Features and Opportunities

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Sep 1, 2021
Introducing Brand New Avatar: Features and Opportunities

Since our inception on August 23rd, 2019, we have been on a mission to help our students achieve their career goals through industry specific coaching and training. Perfect eLearning as a learning platform has connected instructors and learners around the globe and helped both learn and grow.

We've been introducing changes, big and small, all coming from our roots and with one aim only - to provide the optimal teaching and learning experience. This year we've decided to change our look a bit to commit to our commitment once again. We may look a bit different from here but our roots stay the same and so is the mission.

Allow us to take you on a little tour.

A color that speaks a story

Our new brand color - purple is all about stability, fierceness, nobility, ambition, fulfillments and pride, just like your trusted Perfect eLearning is.

Let's dive into these values one by one


We have come across various challenges and hurdles in our 2 year journey to provide you with the industry specific courses by industry experts themselves but no matter how big those challenges were we never deviated from our path. We kept our services, scholarship plans, even providing free courses to our students who really couldn't afford - just like we committed.


We are working in one of the toughest industries where the competition is cut-throat and it is not always that easy as it may look to survive sticking to your core values. But we decided to be fierce from day one and it is an achievement to share that till our fierceness is paying off. We are providing 100% placement assistance and we still don't make our students sign any ISA. And you know what, we are never going to do that - ISA will always be a NO NO for us.


It takes a lot to stay noble in this industry, especially when you new. We tell ourselves each day that we are going to improve, adapt and deliver just the best possible services. And that we do whatever it takes to stay noble to you. Perfect eLearning is all about you and that's what we'd like our new logo to speak of.


We have only one ambition and that's it to become your number one choice when it comes to upskilling. It feels good to see that we are already are moving furiously in that direction. Our new brand color represents this commitment to you and to all student communities that we will require your support to help millions of students learn and grow.


We are not just about the goals or commitments, and that is what our brand new color symbolises. We are equally focused on fulfillments

- Fulfilling the needs of our student communities

- Fulfilling the demands and requests of our students

- Eradicating the financial hurdles from you learning journey

- Bridging the skill gap between the students and hiring companies.


In past 2 years we have not only helped more than 20,000 students build future proof skills in the areas of Python Programming, Machine Learning, Data Science, Web Development but have also helped more than 3,000 students get well paying jobs in their dream tech companies.

And if we be frank, we take huge pride on these numbers.

Our new brand color is a refresher of our promise that we will keep bringing you more and more industry specific courses designed and presented by none other than industry experts to help you achieve your career goals.

Do let us know what do you think about our new brand color by sharing your views on social with #PerfecteLearningAvatar

Perfect eLearning offers basic & advanced coding tutorials for people who want to learn how to code.


1. Introducing the best basic coding courses online.

2. The benefits of taking coding courses online.

3. The top three coding courses online that you should check out.

4. How to get started with coding courses online.

5. The best way to learn to code online.

6. The future of coding courses online.

7. Introducing the basics of coding

8. The benefits of learning to code

9. Types of coding tutorials available

10. How to get started with coding

If you're looking to learn to code, there are a variety of ways you can go about it. But, if you're looking for the easiest and most efficient way to learn, then these 5 steps are the way to go:

1. Choose the right language.

2. Use coding boot camps.

3. Use online coding communities.

4. Use online coding tutorials.

5. Use online coding examples.

For more details, you can talk to our experts.

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