7 Highly Recommended Database Management Systems to Learn in 2023


Jun 5, 2023
7 Highly Recommended Database Management

Data is incredibly valuable to all businesses in the digital era, and the storage, security and management of the same have become increasingly important. And database management help in working with and managing data of all types.


In this blog, we will talk briefly about the basics of database management system, along with the scope and top 7 systems that aspiring professionals can learn.

What is a Database Management System


Database management systems are software systems that help you store, retrieve and run queries on data. Using a DBMS software system, a user can create, read and delete data in the database.

Characteristics Of The Database Management System

1. It supports multiple data types.

2. It offers automatic backup and solutions for recovery.

3. It can provide different viewpoints catering to the particular user’s requirements.

4. With ACID properties, it can keep data secure and safe even in the case of failure.

5. It offers high data security

Uses Of A Database Management System

1. Social Media Sites: Social media sites store the collection of user data - from user names to connections and views - in database management systems.

2. Military: DBMS is valuable for military organizations to keep the data of soldiers, equipment, consumables, vehicles, etc.

3. E-commerce websites: With the growing trend and need for online shopping, there are various important data in e-commerce websites. From purchase information to payment details, all are stored securely in DBMS.


Scope of Database Management Courses

After completing a Database Management course, job opportunities come in a variety of salaries and roles. The Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States states that the job growth in database management is 9%, which is more than average. And as more and more technologies increasingly rely on technologies and data, Database Management professionals will become relevant.
One of the highest-paying job roles in database management is Database Administrator, and the average annual salary in India, the UK and the US is ₹7,00,000, £38,394, and $89,758, respectively.



Top 7 Database Management Systems[1] 

If you are pursuing a Database Management career in 2023, here are some of the top database management systems that you need to learn in 2023.

The Oracle

Oracle is the most popular database management system supporting all data types. It is written in assembly languages C, C++, and Java and supports Structured Query Language(SQL). This DBMS is known for its high performance and cost-optimizing features, with the latest version bringing a wide range of features, including multi-workload improvement with AutoML. Top benefits include faster data processing, reduced risk factors, etc.

Key features:

1. Oracle is scalable and offers features like Real Application Clustering and Portability

2. It offers a high-performance computing environment that ensures data availability at all times.

3. It offers comprehensive recovery features that can restore lost data during unplanned downtimes.


1. It is used as a protection against breaches in data of all kinds.

2. It is available for deployment everywhere and can be used in data centers and public or private clouds.

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL is one of the top Relational Database Management Systems(RDBMS), developed in 1989 and suitable for both on-premise and cloud environments. Businesses prefer this system because of its built-in intelligence for performance scalability and availability in Windows and Linux.


Key features:

1. Microsoft SQL Server offers high security.

2. It supports different data types like Structured, Semi-structured, and Spatial data.



1. Since it is one of the most secure platforms, businesses use it to store sensitive customer information like personal details, credit cards and other confidential details.

2. It is also used for the improvement in the speed of data processing.



PostgreSQL is an advanced open-source Object-Relational Database Management System. This system can deal with a huge amount of data and offers various features like reliability, extensibility and data integrity. Due to its ability to handle huge amounts of data, corporations like IMDb, Skype, Cisco, etc., uses this database system.

Key features:

1. Its availability of various constraints like Primary Keys. Advisory Locks, Exclusion Constraints, etc., ensure data integrity.

2. It can work with multiple data types, including Customizations, Document, Structured, etc.

Uses cases:

PostgreSQL can often be used for any project where you have been using MySQL.


SQLite is a highly reliable and self-contained open-source database management system written in C. By using SQLite, developers can develop embedded softwares for electronic devices or use it for web development.

Key features:

1. It is available in both Windows and UNIX.

2. It offers 32,000 columns in one table.

3. It is a cross-platform DBMS.


1. Small and medium-sized businesses often use SQLite since it’s suitable for simple apps or demo apps. It is also relatively easy to use and your best candidate if you don’t want the hassle of full-fledged databases.


Being the first non-relational database, MongoDB continues to trend in the tech world. This document-oriented database program stores data in chunks and uses JSON-like documents with optional schemas.

Key features:

1. Suitable for analytics data as a caching system due to its fast write optimization

2. It offers the easiest sharding and clustering

3. It comes with distributed transactional locks now

4. Since it stores data in documents, it offers high flexibility and adaptability.



1. MongoDB is often used for developing prototypes.



Redis is, without a doubt, one of the most preferred databases, which offers high speed and supports multiple data structures. One of the reasons why Redis is so loved and popular is its ability to process millions of requests for real-time applications.


Key features:

1. Redis offers unmatched speed along with enhanced caching and in-memory capabilities.

2. It supports programming languages like C, C++, C#, Java, Python, PHP, etc.

3. Some of the top industries where Redis is highly valued are gaming, media streaming, etc.

4. It has rich data structures.


1. Redis is used for various applications like saving social media login sessions, personalization, ad targeting, etc. Because of its features like sticky sessions, Redis is also used in gaming,  IoT, financial services, etc.



As its name suggests, Elasticsearch is a full-text search engine database, which is open-source and indexes data in JSON format. It supports all types of data, like numerical, structured, geospatial, textural, unstructured, etc.



Key features:

1. Elasticsearch is highly scalable and offers horizontal scaling.

2. It offers clustering and high availability

3. It offers automatic data rebalancing


1. Elasticsearch is often used for applications based on search platforms and websites that store high amounts of content and data.


As a beginner, you might wonder what that one database system you need to learn. Unfortunately, the choice of database is not just about how easy or hard it is to use but also what functionalities it provides and your use case. So, whether you are a novice or a professional, you may need to learn and build expertise in any of these databases.



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