7 Brilliant Android Project Ideas

Mamta Mitali

Aug 26, 2021
7 Brilliant Android Project Ideas

The smooth performance and easy accessibility of mobile applications have gained worldwide by storm. A huge part of making mobile applications popular has been the development of the android app. It's not surprising even to know that in the play store there are almost 3 million android apps that people use. As we can all agree, in this world there are more Android users than iOS users because Android mobile phones are affordable, offer all the functions, are quite easy to use, and accessible to a wider worldwide audience because of their affordability.

The android application development industry has grown significantly over the last few years. What if we told you that you can create applications for your mobile device and millions of others? 

Android, as an open-source platform, is available to all – whether designers, developers, or mobile device makers. Because it is open-source, we can modify it to meet our needs. We use Android Studio, which is an online IDE for developing Android applications. It includes advanced tools for developing, debugging, and packaging Android apps. When you begin working on android projects, you will not only be able to test your strengths and weaknesses, but you will also gain exposure that will be extremely beneficial to your career.

Let’s have a look at 7 ideas you can work on as your Android projects,

Leave Management System (LMS): Every business organisation that manages employee leave is likely to use a leave management system. This is one of the best projects for displaying your creativity by adding new features. I'll go over the features I've added to my app.

This is a lengthy project that will necessitate your extensive knowledge of Applications as well as multiple skills. But if you can complete this project, it will boost your confidence.

The leave manager app is an example of a suitable and new Android Project Ideas for Database enthusiast students using a combination of Android. Similarly, you can also create an employee management system.

Paint application: We all used to use MS-Paint as children, and when the system was shifted from desks to our palms, we began doodling on Instagram Stories, Hike, WhatsApp, and other similar apps. So, who would not love a nice Pain application with different sizes of blank canvas and most importantly Brush tools?

AI based Quiz Application: The base will be a general quiz application, but in this application, as the user progresses through the questions, the complexity of the questions that follow is determined by the correct and incorrect questions answered by the user during that session.

For example, suppose there are 15 questions in a quiz. And if the user has uploaded 50 questions from which the quiz will be created, the application will display the easy questions first, then judge and display the questions based on the user's performance.

In this manner, the application will recommend questions to the user based on its performance. This sounds fun right!

E-Commerce Apps: This app will require a strong understanding of Android Studio because it is a little more complex than the previous ones, but it will help you understand more concepts about Android development. It would be best if you look for people who already have their own businesses and build an app for them that allows them to do their jobs more easily. You can study a lot of available E-com sites to get an idea. You have first understood the business models and use classes to put them into action. We are really excited thinking about what you will choose as your next Android Project. 

API based Delivery Apps: Similar to that of Uber, Zomato etc, that uses API, you can make your own Delivery App. When we place an order with Zomato, we can track it using Google Maps. Zomato, on the other hand, cannot directly access data from Google Maps.

Google has a security layer between the two and this layer is called Application Programming Interface (API), by which Zomato can procure the required data. Since Google has its own API System, it allows other android apps to access its contents through it. 

Companies such as Amazon and Twitter release their own APIs, which can be very useful when developing Android apps. This allows you to create apps that will allow you to access data from them by requesting an API key. So, hope this App goes into your project list and you build this soon.

Google Lens: This is an app that will recognise an object in front of the camera and provide information about it.

For example, if you hold a flower up to your phone's camera, it will recognise the flower's name, scientific name, and general information from Wikipedia. Alternatively, if you place a restaurant banner, you can book a cab to the restaurant's location on the go or place an order (if possible).

Essentially, this is an image processing project. We personally love the idea.

Face Detection Android App: Face detection in images and video can be accomplished using ML Kit. The Firebase ML KIT aims to make machine learning more accessible by providing a collection of pre-trained models for use in iOS and Android apps. With a wonderful GUI, you can create an app that can identify faces in an image and then display information about these faces, such as whether the person is smiling or has their eyes closed.

Face detection can be integrated in two ways: as a bundled model that is part of your app and as an unbundled model that relies on Google Play Services. The two models are identical. Your app will be smaller if you choose the unbundled model.

Final Thoughts

If Android development interests you and you want to make a career in this field, the key is not to try and learn “all of Android app development” but to look at a realistic first project. You will continue to learn by adding new features and wanting new things and making your learning fun and structured with an objective. You're going to be a pro before you know it!

Once you've learned how to make android apps, it'll be simple to master Application Development, you can achieve this by building as many projects as you can. At some point in your career, you will be required to work on Projects related to the specific domain. So, take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about Android Application Development.

We at Perfect eLearning can help you get up- skilled with Android development and crack interviews as well. So, if you are looking for someone whom you can rely on for your future. You can simply give us a call. We would love to be a part of your career journey.

We hope you got a better understanding of “Android Development” by reading this article!  

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