Complete Python Course fromBeginners to Advance

Complete Python Course with 100% Placement(Bundle)

Python gives tremendous versatility, giving Python developers the freedom to enter a wide range of applications from software development, machine learning, data science, and web development. Learn complete Python course today and give your career a new dimension.

Who should enroll in Complete Python Course with 100% Placement?

Students, Developers, Computer scientists, IT Industry Professionals, Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, Data Analysts and professionals using Python for their tasks can enroll in this Course.

Why Should You Learn This course?

  • Beginner Friendly

    Concise and easy to understand syntax

  • Versatile

    Over 125,000 Libraries available

  • In High-Demand

    Fastest growing Programming Language

Hiring Company

What you will learn

  • Why Python is Important
  • Transition from Python2 to Python3
  • Installation of Python
  • How to use your machine to code online
  • Build your 1st Python code
  • Constants, Reserved Words, & Variables
  • Data Types in Python
  • Using Conditions in Python
  • Using Comparisons in Python
  • Functions in Python
  • Loops in Python
  • Iterations in Python
  • Introduction to Data Structure
  • Strings & Functions
  • Handling files in Python
  • List & Dictionaries
  • Sets & Tuples
  • Constructors
  • Inheritance & Polymorphism
  • Regressions in Python
  • Clustering and Cluster Analysis
  • Linear Regression using Python
  • Multiple Linear Regression
  • Evaluation Metrics For Classification
  • Machine Learning random forest algorithm
  • Clustering algorithms in Machine Learning
  • Clustering vs Classification
  • Recommender system in Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning Projects
  • Decoding Model selection for Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning Model Deployment using Flask

Technologies you'll Master

We have designed this course as per the Industry requirements. In this course, you will gain practical experience and learn various tools based on the most recent technologies, such as: Numpy, Seaborn, Pandas, Matplotlib, TensorFlow, Flask and much more….


Course Journey

Phase 1

Video lectures and live classes

Dive into 100+ video lectures to build a strong foundation starting from the very basics to advanced levels. 24/7 learning support from industry experts to clear up any conceptual doubts.

Phase 2

Focus on Live Projects

Capstone projects using real-world data sets with virtual labs for practical training.

Phase 3

Resume building, Mock interviews

Learn to make ATS-proof Latex Resume to get in eyes of the Recruiter easily. Get trained by experts, clear mock tests and Comp-coding rounds to get ready for Interviews.

Phase 4

Internship & Placement

Get the required pre job experience to make your profile stand out. Make your dream of working in the tech company of your choices true with 100% assured placements.

Program outcomes

  • In-depth knowledge in data analytics and data Visualisation..
  • Good Command over Data Structure and algorithms, Machine learning,web scraping, and natural language processing..
  • Mastery in essential concepts of data types, tuples, lists, dicts, basic operators, and functions..
  • Hands on experience on Various live Projects..
  • ATS Proof Latex Resume building and career-ready Skills..
  • 100% Assured Internship and Placement..

Who will teach?

Jyoti Sharma

Jyoti Sharma

4.4 Reviews

OK Google Developer

B.Tech & M.Tech Computer Science at NIT Kurukshetra (Department Ranker 1, CGPA: 9.8) with experience in Android App Development and Machine Learning. I am highly enthusiastic about learning and teaching cutting-edge technologies. My interests include Teaching, Data Structures, Algorithms, and Problem Solving. Worked at Infoedge(Naukri), Ok Google, and got offers from various tech companies including Adobe, UrbanCompany, etc, I would love to create more developers by imparting what I know.


9 Topic

8 Topic

13 Topic

Get a Certificate of Completion

Perfect eLearning Learn & Grow Certificate & Completion

Perfect eLearning Learn & Grow Certificate & Completion

What students are expressing about Course


Smrithi Sivaramakrishnan

Well-organised Course Curriculum which is easier to learn.Thank you.Team Perfect eLearning and the Guru herself "Jyoti Mam".Really Appreciate the effort.Can't wait to learn the rest


Onkar Borde

Have no words to say ! Seriously, I completed the course without waiting a minute ! I mean yes this course showed that why are developers of google known as "developers of google !" #salutation:print("this was a great course!")


Sri Pranav Pallelamudi

I was really happy to learn this python course and it was very helpful for the upcoming fellows. The video lectures of Ms. Jyoti Sharma and her explanation was fantastic and just got remembered with live examples. Thank you Perfect E Learning, for giving me this wonderful opportunity


Monalisa Pani

Loved the teaching, easy assignments and relevant examples are explained which were very helpful for learning Python...Thank You sooo much for making Python easier #JyotiMadam.....


Neha Nayak

Hello I'm Neha Basically I'm from ECE, i was not aware of coding/programming but I'm very much interested in doing it and this platform helped me to know to code in Python(which has covered almost all the topics in python) in efficient way, which may help me in placements, I personally thank for your great efforts in understanding us in a simple way.


What's included

  • Internship and Placement Assistance
  • Daily Mentor Support
  • Live Projects
  • Resume Building
  • Top 50 Interview Questions
  • 5 Live Classes
  • Life time access


Enroll Now

what's included

  • 100% Assured Internships and Placements
  • Live Projects
  • Daily Mentor Support
  • Resume Building
  • Top 50 Interview questions
  • Live Sessions every weekend
  • Course Duration: 11 Months
  • Batch Starting from : 15th January
11.00 AM - 2.00 PM (IST) Weekned

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Frequently asked questions

How does Perfect eLearning get placement done in just 15 days? What are the Steps?

Here are the steps to get placed within 15 Days by Perfect eLearning.
1. Profile Verification- It is like double-checking information to make sure it's real. We want to be sure that the details users give us, like their name, contact info, and qualifications, are true and reliable.
2. Agreement- By signing the document and video agreement both, you show that you agree to follow the rules. It also helps protect both you and the employer, making sure everyone is on the same page and there are no surprises later on.
3. Interview / Job Placement- Successfully navigate the interview process to secure your desired job and begin your career journey.
4. Up-skilling- Equip yourself with skills and knowledge to perform well in the job interview. Individuals are trained for 8 months by industry experts. 5. Hike- We provide Salary Hike after 10 months of Job.

Why is the perfect eLearning Placement program Unique?

They are unique because of their unique approach i.e; Placement, training then Hike. Firstly, they get students placed then give 8 Months of training in any Certification of your choice and at least a 70% hike after 10 months.

How can I enrol in a course?

Click on Side menu- Choose Courses- Select the course you want to see- Course Detail page will open- click on Start Learning on top- now you can Enrol for the course.

Do you offer certifications upon course completion?


Are there any free courses available?

Yes. We have 3 Free courses available. Resume building, OOPs and Communication Skills. Check it out now!

What skills are in-demand in the job market?

Data science
Artificial Intelligence
Digital marketing
Cyber Security
Data Analytics
Quantum computing/ Cloud computing
Android App development
Web development

How do I choose the right upskilling program for my career goals?

You can have a FREE Counselling Session with our experts so that they can help you through it by knowing your interests and other facts.

Can I upskill while working or studying?

Yes. Student or working professional, anyone can upskill while working or studying

Can I access course materials after completing the course?

Yes, Lifetime access is available.

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