Welcome to the future of technology: Blockchain. This course is a roadmap for becoming a blockchain developer.

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With the problems of a centralized system rising day by day (privacy concerns, single point of failure, transaction costs, and many others), Blockchain becomes the "go-to" technology. 

This course takes you all the way from realizing the importance of Blockchain technology to building Decentralized Apps over the Ethereum Network using Solidity.

All in all, this course is a must-have for anyone with a knack for technology and who wants to build applications for the future.


The course starts with a gentle introduction to blockchain technology and its applications. This is followed by a deeper dive into the first implementation of blockchain, i.e, Bitcoin. Having learnt about how blockchain works in detail, we move onto the modern-day implementation of blockchain, namely, Ethereum. 

We learn about Solidity, the official language for building Smart Contracts (Decentralized Apps), over Ethereum. We delve deeper and build a Decentralized Bank ourselves. 

Finally, we learn how to deploy Smart Contracts, thus making the learner a Blockchain developer.

  • What is BlockChain?
  • What is BlockChain? Lecture Notes

  • Applications of Blockchain
  • Applications of Blockchain - Lecture Notes

  • Bitcoin and dApps
  • Bitcoin and dApps - Lecture Notes

  • Hands on with Ethereum
  • Hands on with Ethereum - Lecture Note

  • Visiting Etherscan
  • Visiting Etherscan - Lecture Notes

  • Making decentralised Apps
  • Making Decentralised Apps - Lecture Notes

  • Smart Contracts in Solidity - 1
  • Smart Contracts in Solidity - 1 Lecture Notes
  • Smart Contracts in Solidity - 2
  • Smart Contracts in Solidity - 2 Lecture Notes
  • Smart Contracts in Solidity - 3
  • Smart Contracts in Solidity - 3 Lecture Notes
  • Smart Contracts in Solidity - 4
  • Smart Contracts in Solidity - 4 Lecture Notes

  • Deploying Smart Contracts - Remix

  • What lies further?
  • What lies further? Lecture Notes

  • Final Quiz

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Rashul Chutani is a Computer Science Graduate from IIT Delhi. His interest areas are Decentralized Architecture and Blockchain Technology.

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