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Our Complete ANDROID DEVELOPMENT Course consists of 3 sub-courses which are - Developing your first Android App + All about Java + Advance Android Components (it contains dozens of hours of app creation)

The main goal of the final course – “Android Advance Components” is to teach the step-by-step process of Android Development and how you can build amazing Android apps using its most popular programming language, Java.

My name is Jyoti, a senior Android app developer and Perfect eLearning instructor with more than 40,000 satisfied students, and I’ve designed this course with one thing in mind: you should learn by practicing your skills and building apps. 

I’ll personally be answering any questions you might have and I’ll be happy to provide links, resources, and any help I can offer to help you master Java programming and Android app development. 

In this course, you will discover the power of Android app development, and obtain the skills to increase your career prospects as a Mobile app developer.

You'll build apps like:

Instagram Clone, Facebook Clone, Twitter Clone, Firebase Login Signup app, and so much more...

Why This Course?

  • Learn to code like the pros
  • Build apps - a lot of them
  • No Experience is needed
  • Lifetime support
  • Frequently updating course content

Who this course is for:

  • People with no programming experience
  • This Course teaches the more Advanced Concepts of Android Development, so it's also essential for Advanced Android Developers too
  • People who want to create their own android applications
  • People who want to get a job as an Android Developer
  • People who want to create awesome Android Applications just for fun
  • People who want to work as a Freelancer

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  • Build complex, production-ready Java android Applications

  • Build a fantastic resume to show to employers

  • Create Great Android Applications

  • Master Java Programming Language

  • Bring your own App Idea to Life

  • Create Professional Java Applications

  • Build firebase based Android Applications

    This will be your final step toward the Android development journey. The skills you’ll learn here are in HIGH DEMAND, so don’t wait and GET STARTED. See you in the class!

    You are ready to GET THAT JOB! 

  • Introduction To Layouts And UI Components
  • About Layouts
  • Customizing Action Bar
  • Webviews

  • About Layouts
  • Fading Animation
  • Various ImageView Animations
  • Introduction To Images Video Audio Section

  • Challenge Perfect TicTacToe
  • Layout File TicTacToe
  • Java File TicTacToe

  • Videos Raw And Youtube
  • Audios Raw And Url With Net Permissions

  • Counting App Challenge
  • Counting App Code

  • Activities
  • About Fragments
  • Fragments Demo
  • Introduction To Activities And Fragments

  • What Are Intents?
  • Implicit Intents Demo
  • Explicit Intents Demo
  • Introduction To Intents And Manifest

  • Android Manifest File

  • Quiz: Android Components

  • ListView RecyclerView Introduction
  • ListViews Working Example
  • Recycler Views
  • Introduction To Advanced Concepts In Android

  • Tables App Challenge
  • Tables App Code

  • Show Hide Challenge
  • Show Hide Element

  • Maths Quiz Game Challenge
  • Maths Quiz Game Frontend
  • Maths Quiz Game Backend

  • Exception Handling In Java
  • Exception Handling Code

  • Background Task Asynctask
  • Asynctask Download Image
  • Asynctask Download Task Android Code

  • API Introduction
  • What Is JSON?
  • Asynctask JSON Coding

  • Get Latest News App Challenge
  • News App Code

  • Introduction To Shared Preference
  • Shared Preference Login App Coding
  • Introduction To Data Storage

  • Introduction To SQLite Database
  • SQLite Example Android

  • News App with DB Challenge
  • News App With DB And WebviewsCode
  • Quiz: Advanced Android Components

  • Advanced Android Components Quiz

  • Introduction To Capstone Projects
  • Setting Up Firebase

  • Login Singup

  • Firebase Realtime DB Setup- Reading and Writing

  • Follow Unfollow Realtime


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