The complete AutoCAD course

Learn to use the AutoCAD software to design 2D Drawings easily.

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The course is a complete 4-week training program, where we teach the art of designing in AutoCAD. The course is in the Hindi language and assumes no technical background.

The course takes one along the journey from downloading the AutoCAD software to creating complex designs using AutoCAD.

Packed with plenty of practice questions, the course is a complete mix of the Practical and Theory Components.


Complete AutoCAD commands including:

  • Line
  • Circle 
  • Arc
  • Rectangle
  • Move, Copy
  • Trim
  • Mirror
  • Offset
  • Fillet, Chamfer
  • Rotate

Also, Dimensioning and Annotation tools including:

  • Linear Dimensioning
  • Aligned Dimensioning
  • Angular Dimensioning
  • Radius Dimensioning

Further, advanced commands like:

  • Arrays - Rectangular and Polar
  • Tangent Lines
  • Hatching

And many Practice Questions to follow along!

  • Downloading AutoCAD
  • Introduction to the Cartesian Plane
  • Quiz-1
  • Hatching-2

  • Line Command
  • Circle, Arc, and Rectangle Commands
  • Quiz-2

  • Move and Copy Commands
  • Rotate, Offset and Mirror Commands
  • Trim, Fillet and Chamfer Commands
  • Practice Quiz

  • Dimensioning
  • Quiz-3

  • Rectangular and Polar Arrays
  • Quiz-4

  • Practice Question
  • Practice Question
  • Practice Question
  • Practice Question
  • Practice Question
  • Practice Question

  • Changing Dimension Style

  • Making Tangent Lines

  • Hatching-1


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The course has been designed by the Perfect Plan B Mentor team. Our mentors are alumni of NIT & IIT with 8+ years of industry experience working with Google, Adobe and Flipkart.

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The complete AutoCAD course

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