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About Our Course:

Designed by Industry expert currently working as Senior Associate in Data Analytics at PWC. In this course we’ll start off with an introduction to types of Databases. Then we’ll learn DDL & DML Commands, domain constraints, Different types of Operations in SQL, Nested queries and more.

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What you will learn ?
  • Introduction to SQL
  • DML & DDL Commands
  • TCL and DCL and its Clauses
  • Domain constraints and its uses
  • Different types of operations in SQL
  • Types of Joins
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Joins
  • Views, Triggers, Nested queries 
  • Lecture 1 Lectures
  • Introduction to Database & pro's and con's Preview
  • Lecture 4 Lectures
  • In Depth understanding of DML, DDL
  • In Depth Understanding of TCL, DCL and It's Clauses
  • Domain Constraints and It's uses
  • Domain Constraints Keys - Primary & Foreign keys
  • Lecture 5 Lectures
  • Different types of Operations on SQL
  • Different types of Grouping Operations on SQL
  • All types of Joins and It's Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Ranking Functions - SQL
  • Views, Triggers, Nested Queries - SQL
  • Lecture 3 Lectures
  • SQL
  • Assignment
  • Assignment Questions
Our Mentors:
Akhil Vydyula

Akhil Vydyula

PWC Developer

4.6 Rating

Sample Certificate:
What Akhil Vydyula has to say:

B.Tech with the expertise in Data Analytics and Machine Learning. I am two times GCP (Google Cloud Platform) certified and Worked on BNFS & RLT,TMT domain projects. Experience in performing Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics by employing various data mining techniques.
I'd love to help you for making your career as Data Analyst. Happy Learning !!

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