Data Science in Python Course

Data Science in Python Course

Without Data science, companies of all sizes, especially large organizations, would have difficulty making informed decisions. This is a detailed Hands-on Data Science course with Python with Capstone Projects from various domains. This course is suitable for all levels of learners from beginners to advanced students.

What you will learn

  • Data Collection
  • Data visualization & analysis
  • Data Preprocessing
  • Model selection
  • Python Data Type
  • Operators in Python
  • Tuple, Sets & Dictionary
  • Loops
  • Numpy & Pandas
  • Dataset standardization
  • Label encoding
  • AL vs ML vs DL
  • Data Science Projects

Technologies you'll Master


Course Journey

Phase 1

Video Lectures & Live Classes

Dive into 100+ video lectures to build strong foundation starting from the very basics to advanced levels. 24/7 learning support from industry experts to clear up any conceptual doubts.

Phase 2

Focus on projects

Capstone projects using real-world data sets with virtual labs for practical training.

Phase 3

Resume building, Mock interviews

Learn to make ATS-proof Latex Resume to get in eyes of the Recruiter easily. Get trained by experts, clear mock tests and Comp-coding rounds to get ready for Interviews.

Phase 4

Internship & Placement

Get the required pre job experience to make your profile stand out. Make your dream of working in the tech company of your choices true with 100% assured placements.

Program outcomes

  • You will learn Python basics for Data Science..
  • Learn to implement Data Visualization, Data Analysis, Machine Learning..
  • Learn how to collect Data from various sources.
  • Hands on experience on Various Data Science live Projects..
  • ATS Proof Latex Resume building and career-ready Skills..

Who will teach?

Siddhardhan S

Siddhardhan S

4.4 Reviews
Data Science Expert


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