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Data Analytics Course

The gap in the demand and supply of Data Analyst professionals is constantly increasing because of increasing data, there is a sharp learning curve and a high skill set that is required in this field. Analyse you career today.

What you will learn

  • Excel functions and operations
  • data charting
  • 2D & 3D dynamic visualisation
  • introduction to SQL
  • Domain constraints
  • ranking functions in SQL
  • Grouping operations
  • Triggers & nested queries in SQL
  • Introduction to business statistics
  • Hypothesis test and distributions
  • Power BI
  • Different types of charts and datasets
  • Power query
  • Append files and tables

Technologies you'll Master


Course Journey

Phase 1

Video Lectures & Live Classes

Dive into 100+ video lectures to build strong foundation starting from the very basics to advanced levels. 24/7 learning support from industry experts to clear up any conceptual doubts.

Phase 2

Focus on projects

Capstone projects using real-world data sets with virtual labs for practical training.

Phase 3

Resume building, Mock interviews

Learn to make ATS-proof Latex Resume to get in eyes of the Recruiter easily. Get trained by experts, clear mock tests and Comp-coding rounds to get ready for Interviews.

Phase 4

Internship & Placement

Get the required pre job experience to make your profile stand out. Make your dream of working in the tech company of your choices true with 100% assured placements.

Program outcomes

  • Develop relevant programming abilities..
  • Demonstrate proficiency with statistical analysis of data..
  • Develop the ability to build and assess data-based models..
  • Execute statistical analyses with professional statistical software..
  • Demonstrate skill in data management..
  • 100% Assured Internship and Placement..

Who will teach?

Akhil Vydyula

Akhil Vydyula

4.4 Reviews

PWC Developer

B.Tech with the expertise in Data Analytics and Machine Learning. I am two times GCP (Google Cloud Platform) certified and Worked on BNFS & RLT,TMT domain projects. Experience in performing Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics by employing various data mining techniques.
I'd love to help you for making your career as Data Analyst. Happy Learning !!


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