Where Python Is Mostly Used: Game, Web Development and more

Mamta Mitali

May 27, 2021
Where Python Is Mostly Used: Game, Web Development and more

When starting  with Python, there are many questions which can come to mind.

How is Python applied in real-world scenarios? Which companies use it?  How do they use Python? and so on.

Well in this article we’ll try to answer some of those questions.

We’ve summed up a few most important Python applications that you would love to know and maybe get motivated which will help you in your learning journey.

Data Science: Perhaps one of the most popular applications of Python is data science.Python allows organizations to analyze and visualize data in meaningful ways to identify patterns, track down relationships, and help solve complex business problems.

Game Development: Many useful extensions (libraries) that come in handy for the development of interactive games are preloaded in Python. For instance, libraries like PySoy (a 3D game engine that supports Python 3) and PyGame are two Python-based libraries used widely for game development. 

Turtle module can also be used to create simple games. Turtle, built-in Python module which gets installed automatically while you Python installation.

Computer Vision and Image Processing: Python is used for computer vision and image processing, these fields that are expanding rapidly.

With a Python library, you can perform Manipulating exposure and color channels, Detecting edges and lines. Object and Event Detection, Facial recognition, Image classification are some of the applications where Python is used.

Medicine and Pharmacology: Making clinical diagnoses based on the patients' medical records and symptoms, Making computational models to speed up the process of development of new medications etc are few of the applications where Python is frequently used. Medical practitioners are not from technical backgrounds and thus they choose this easy language 

Web Development: Python should be your go-to tool for web development. There are many options like Django, Pyramid, Flask, and Bottle which are available for developing web frameworks.

Tasks like content management, database interaction, and interfacing with internet protocols like HTTP, SMTP, XML, JSON, FTP, IMAP, and POP can easily be simplified with these web frameworks which are packed with standard libraries and modules. Known for their security, scalability, and flexibility Python web frameworks are popular among web developers.

Machine Learning: An area of Computer Science that creates systems which can learn on their own. The system is trained to "think" and make decisions based on previous knowledge.

Neuroscience and Psychology: PsychoPy is used by many labs worldwide for psychophysics, cognitive neuroscience and experimental psychology.It’s an open-source package for running experiments in Python

Astronomy: Biology and Bioinformatics: These include processing DNA sequences, simulating population dynamics and genetics, and modeling biochemical structures.

For example: Biopython is a Python framework with "freely available tools for biological computation". Its goal is to "address the needs of current and future work in bioinformatics.

Internet of Things (IoT): Python has risen to the top for a lot of the devices you can buy and play with. Devices like the Raspberry Pi are tiny and connect to a multitude of sensors, displays, lights, robots, and more, and allow you to write code to communicate between these parts, as well as send and receive data over Bluetooth, the internet, and other communication methods.

Fin Tech: Hedge fund and investment banking industries have long decided that Python is an ideal choice for fintech when it comes to resolving challenges inherent in today’s financial landscape, in terms of regulation, compliance, analytics, and data volume.

An increasing number of financial institutions are now using the Python programming language to build futuristic finance applications - HackerRank’s survey. 

Start up: Python programming language is ideal for technology-driven startups. Based on Python, the open-source and free Django web framework can help startups develop highly-scalable mobile and web applications, capable of handling huge traffic loads.

Desktop GUI: Python offers many GUI toolkits and frameworks that make desktop application development a breeze. PyQt, PyGtk, Kivy, Tkinter, WxPython, PyGUI, and PySide are some of the best Python-based GUI frameworks that allow developers to create highly functional Graphical User Interfaces.

Web Scraping Applications: Python is a nifty tool for extracting voluminous amounts of data from websites and web pages. The pulled data is usually used in various real-world processes, that includes research and development (R&D), price comparison, job listings etc. 

BeautifulSoup, Selenium, and Urllib are some of the Python-based web scraping tools.

Apart from the above mentioned application Python can also be applied in many other areas, including Robotics, Autonomous vehicles, Meteorology etc.


Technology giants such as Spotify, Google, Lyft, Reddit, Netflix, Instagram, and Bloomberg are already using Python and now you know the reason why.

The applications of Python are numerous and so are its benefits. Python is here to stay, and it has transformed and improved our current world and it will continue to do so for many years.

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